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Rosarito is a land with a glamorous past and a promising future.

Located 20 minutes south of the border from San Diego, California, this proximity to the border and scenic location between the Pacific Ocean and coastal foothills, makes Rosarito

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Playas de Rosarito, Baja California, Mèxico

+(52) 661 613-3074


the place of your dreams

Beach (or Playas de Rosarito) one of the leading resort towns in Baja California.

The main urban district of Rosarito is a four mile stretch along the beach on Boulevard Benito Juarez of hotels, condominiums, restaurants, bars, gift shops, curios, and more.

Rosarito is a unique opportunity to vacation in a foreign country but with the convenience of a short drive. Families can explore new locations and experience a different culture while couples can rediscover their love for one another in the beautifully romantic setting of Baja. Because of the breathtaking sunsets, the delicious food, the warm climate and exciting night life, many Americans are now deciding to retire in one of the many beautiful beach communities that Rosarito has to offer.

​Rosarito Beach has a largely tourist-based economy. As a result its highrises are predominantly hotels and resorts. Rosarito offers plenty hotel rooms from 25 resorts such as Las Rocas Resort, Grand Baja and Rosarito Beach Hotel; some with golf courses and spas. The Popotla Boulevard area in south Rosarito is developing a reputation for offering original fine art and furniture design and manufacturing.